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What people have to say about NHC HomeCare

  • "With NHC HomeCare, I never feel alone. My nurse is always checking in on me and my home health aide is like my best friend."
    Evelyn S.
  • "I was so relieved to find out that I could get NHC quality in my own house. Got back on my feet in eight months. No telling what my recovery would have taken in the hospital or elsewhere."
    James L.
  • "We didn't think my mom was ready to move into a health facility. Having her cared for so well at home has been a delight in so many ways."
    Karen Z.

Caring and Professional
“I am so impressed with the excellent staff at NHC - the RNs, LPNs, CNAs are very professional and caring. All of the office staff from the person who answers the phone to the Director have earned my respect - I hold them in very high regard…”

Encouragement for Successful Recovery

“I had a serious back injury and was crippled, then I had back surgery with the hope of walking again. I am so thankful to the NHC Professionals who came to my home and gave me confidence and encouragement and got me back walking again. They were great and I’m pleased to be able to tell people how glad I am for their help!”

Support with true caring

“I love my home health nurse and they care about me and my health and they all get my family involved...they always come with smiles, friendliness, support me…”

Care for Care Giver
“The LPN was checking me one day and noticed my wife was ill. She checked her and said we should go to the Emergency Room. She followed us to the ER where my wife was admitted. We are so thankful she was here...”

Answers for all of your questions
“Having had surgery and 11 days in the hospital, it has been a great comfort having the professionals checking my progress and answering my questions.”

Laughter is good medicine

“…they listened and even got my husband to laugh which was wonderful. He has such a hearty laugh; and they are the same way with me...”

Recovery in own home
"I have progressed with NHC HomeCare much faster than when I was in a rehab facility for 17 days. That’s how good the NHC staff members are.”

Our team is with you all the way

”The Home Healthcare team that has been with me for 6 weeks is outstanding. I credit my rapid recovery from total knee replacement to my therapist. I had an office visit with my doctor today and he was extremely pleased with my progress which I credit mainly to the therapist."

Provide thorough explanations

“...they were thoughtful, considerate and while cleaning and dressing my surgery area they always let me know what they are doing.”

Thank you
“...the nurse that was sent to us was very professional, polite and extremely caring. I want to thank NHC HomeCare again for the wonderful care I have been given by your agency. I feel very blessed to have had them in my life.”

Gentle, caring, listened to me
"What a terrific bunch of personal people. They were so great, gentle, advised and listened to my problems. Send them over anytime. My door will be open. They all did a terrific job.”

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